Faya Lourens is the founder of the protein-rich diet Killerbody Food. Faya became known to the large public through her Killerbody books, all of which became bestsellers. Her first book, Killerbody Plan, has been translated into three languages and is sold worldwide.


Our mission is to make people fitter, healthier and happier. Killerbody Food is the healthy, protein-rich choice. Take care of your body and mind, do what you enjoy, follow your heart and love yourself is the motto of our company.


Killerbody Food will start with a product range for on the go. This product range is for the busy entrepreneur, mother and youth. The bars are tasty, high in protein and have no added sugars. The protein water for on the go are high in protein, low in sugar and free from preservatives and sweeteners.


In many places, including gas stations and to-go supermarkets, there is currently little to no options for consumers who are consciously trying to eat healthy. What these places do sell are unhealthy food options and snacks that are high in (added) sugars and (saturated) fats.

Part of the consumers buy these products, but Killerbody Food focuses on the target group who are currently not buying anything because the offered products are not in line with their lifestyle. This is a different target group than those who buys a Mars or Twix at the gas stations or to-go supermarkets.

Currently there are a few healthy brands on the shelves, but because Dutch consumers do not know these brands, they don’t know why they should buy those products. These people are familiar with Faya. Faya is a woman they can identify with thanks to her successful Killerbody books and online platform. She is the Dutch figurehead in the field of sports and nutrition and the face and brand ambassador of Killerbody Food. Faya explains why they should buy Killerbody Food.